Yes. The contract provides both parties. Where the event is, when it is, what times you need us, what's being offered at what price, deposits, and damages are all discussed in the contract.

Yes. A deposit is required to lock your event date in with the DJ. A lack of a deposit means your date can be taken by another event. Generally, 50% of the quoted price is required to lock in the date.

We are based in the Atlanta, GA area and will travel within a reasonable distance free of travel charges.

Yes. We have the capability to provide high quality sound and DJ the music for your ceremony and time it perfectly with entrances. We can also mic up the officiant so all of your guests can hear the ceremony clearly. We can also provide sound for any live musicians that you may have performing at your ceremony. We can also provide live musicians: piano, keyboard, and guitar for your ceremony.

Currently, we only accept cash, check, and Paypal

Depending on the event, all staff are dressed professionally.

We don't believe in cutting corners and using second-rate equipment so all of our sound equipment is top of the industry standard. You can truly hear a difference between our sound and other DJ's sound. We would be happy to send you product brands/names.

Definitely. After all, we are personalizing the experience right? With every event consultation, we will discuss your preferences of music and what is acceptable to you and what is not.

Yes. The DJ will make all announcements and a wireless microphone is standard.